What Every Child & Grandchild of a Senior Citizen Should Know

  1. Agents can be sneaky. Sure, he’s well dressed, a smooth talker and has an “unbeatable” premium that makes him an easy charmer. Keep in mind that most insurance agents are SALESPEOPLE. Your grandparents or parents may think that they are getting a good price for Medicare supplemental insurance, but chances are- they’re not. Most agents will do or say anything to make a sale. Be aware of who will work to SERVE your loved ones, not just SELL to them.
  2. There are always ways to pay less. It might be the harder way, but looking in every possible spot for cost cuts and increases in coverage can yield benefits. Don’t ever take just one look-revisit the policy until it’s exactly what you need at the price you need.
  3. Be patient with your parents. The change of lifestyle that comes with retirement is hard for everyone involved. There are many decisions to be made and it always helps to lend your perspective. Be patient with them and try to help them face some of these big changes.