Endurance exercises that are easy and FUN!

Building your stamina, energy and endurance can lead to great benefits such as a higher metabolism, healthier heart and lungs. We know that exercise is important, but as we age it’s more than just that- it’s crucial! Staying active might seem like a challenge the older we get, but exercising does not have to be running seven miles, lifting heavy weights and pushing your body past its limit. Here are some easy, but effective exercises to help increase your endurance and heart health.

  1. Walk. Easy as that! Take a walk around your neighborhood or if weather is not permitting, go to a mall or indoor track. Walking increases blood flow and helps make for a healthier heart.
  2. Swim. My grandmother takes a water aerobics class and she raves about it. Swimming is one of the best ways to exercise all parts of the body and it can be fun. Check out where there are community pools in your area or even enroll in a water aerobics class. You will feel healthy and fit!
  3. Dance. Yes, believe it or not, dancing is a great way to get the blood pumping while having fun at the same time. Line dancing classes or even just dancing around to music in your home is an easy and effective way to exercise.

These are three easy suggestions for ways to improve your endurance and overall health. Pick one of these or a combination and do the activity for at least fifteen minutes and for as long as your body can tolerate. Don’t overdo it! The point here is to get the blood pumping, not push yourself beyond your limits.