We work tirelessly to provide the best customer service in the industry by providing valuable information and laying out each option to each individual customer in a way that’s easy to understand! We also don’t stop after you’ve chosen your plan or product. We check in often to make sure you’re continually happy with your coverage and aren’t experiencing any drops in coverage or increase in price. We even include an annual prescription drug analysis to make sure you’re paying the lowest price possible for your prescriptions.

Medicare Solutions

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Finding your way through the complex maze of Medicare plans and options can be incredibly confusing; even more so when you’re trying to navigate the Medicare world solo. We believe in educating our clients to empower them with the knowledge needed to make better decisions. Our team of devoted advisors specializes in customizing plans to fit your budget, meanwhile maximizing the benefits available.

Since we have relationships with almost every carrier, we have no motive to favor one over another. Simply put, our obligation always remains with YOU, not with a company. Schedule an appointment or home visit with an advisor today and see what you could be saving.

Medicare Supplements

What is a Medicare supplement?

Medicare Supplemental Insurance is designed to cover the expenses accrued from healthcare that Medicare does not cover.  A good Medicare plan, paired with a great supplement is the best insurance coverage available.

Why do I need a Medicare supplement?

Medicare has two distinct parts….one that pays hospital costs after a deductible, and one that pays 80% for doctors and surgeons.  While 20% of an office visit may not amount to much, 20% of a major surgery could send people into bankruptcy.

Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance:

Insurance that provides coverage at a fixed payment rate for a limited period of time.  It provides a death benefit in the event that the individual passes but it has no accumulated cash value or investment component.

Whole Life Insurance:

Insurance that coverage for the lifetime of the individual at a fixed premium.  On top of the death benefit, a whole life insurance policy has an investment component and accumulates cash value over their lifetime.

Universal Life Insurance:

Insurance has a cash value that is determined by short-term interest rates rather than the stated long-term rate of a whole life policy.  Premium payments in excess of the cost of insurance are added to the policyholder’s interest-bearing account.

Single Premium Whole Life Insurance:

Whole Life Insurance: Insurance policy that is paid in full in one lump sum. Provides a guaranteed death benefit and cash value builds quickly because the policy is paid in full.

How is it used?

Generally, life insurance is chosen based on the objectives and needs of the purchaser. Depending on which type you choose, life insurance can be used as an estate planning and wealth transfer tool, as a way to reduce taxes or have them deferred, and/or as a way to replace lost income.

Long Term Care

What is Long Term Care?

A range of services and supports that an individual may need to meet their health or personal care needs over a long period of time. Most long-term care is not medical care, but assistance with the basic tasks of everyday life.

How is it used?

It provides protection if you or your loved one becomes unable to complete the daily tasks of life. If used properly, LTC coverage can be used to help with expenses that come with long-term hospitalization and/or nursing home costs.

Short Term Care

What is Short Term Care?

Sometimes called respite care, short-term care services temporarily take over for regular caregivers to provide relief.

How is it used?

Short Term Care insurance, which includes recovery, rehabilitation, or recuperation, can protect you for a short period of time, a period running from 180 days, 270 days or 360 days, and are considerably cheaper than true Long Term Care Insurance policies. The need and use of Short Term Care is becoming more prominent in the insurance industry and will likely be seen more and more in coming years.