Get Active This Summer!

The sunshine, birds chirping and climate changes that come with summer are well on the way. As it warms up outside, it seems almost wrong to sit inside! Here are some great ideas for getting active in the outdoors this summer- that require minimal expense and maximum exhilaration!

Take a nature walk. Go to a local park and just walk. Find a place to walk with a great landscape to appease your eyes and walking trails that accommodate your body! Don’t pick terrain that’s rough or hilly- find a trail, take your dog or your spouse or grandchildren and walk it. You will find peace in the serenity of nature and you’ll be exercising without even trying.

Plant a garden. You don’t have to make it big, but even a small potted garden is a great outdoor activity in the summer. Seeds and small plants are inexpensive, and if you look for good bargains you can get pots and potting soil for good prices as well. Taking care of plants is a great use of time, it gets you outside and it bares fruit- LITERALLY. Not to mention, fresh veggies and fruits save you money with a delicious reward.

Patio/lawn game. Games like bocce ball, badminton, beach volleyball and shuffleboard are great ways to get outside and to get active in the summer time. All of the above are easy and fun games to play, and make a great activity to do with your grandkids, friends and family.

Have a picnic. Pack a nice basket and take someone you love outside to share it with. Whether you find a nature trail leading to a perfect picnic spot or just a cozy spot under a tree in your yard. A picnic gets you outside and makes an ordinary meal feel special with someone you love!