Choosing a “Non-Captive” Health Insurance Company Could Save Your Hundreds

Buying insurance can be such a hassle to do because it’s an industry associated with lies and fabrication, rather than honesty and ethics. Typically a “captive” agent is worried about earning their next free vacation to the Bahamas, not about what’s best for the client. That’s why it’s very important when shopping for insurance to work with a non-captive provider.

Non-captive just means that the insurance agency does not represent just one company or carrier rather has licenses with a variety of companies and carriers. This means the agents in a non-captive agency have access to a buffet of options when choosing a healthcare plan for you. They have no reason to recommend one carrier over another because there is no incentive to do so. This means they can offer you unbiased guidance so you know you’re getting the best plan and the best possible price.

How do you know if you’re working with a non-captive agency? Just ask them. They will tell you and most likely a non-captive will be boasting the trait. To give you an idea, any major insurance company that directly provides product is always captive. Their agents are trained to sell their product and only theirs. Not just that, but they also get offered incentive to sell higher commissionable products over others. The information from those big companies is almost always based on what’s best for the company and it’s bottom line- not what is best for the family on the other line.

Non-captive agencies can be difficult to come by- especially ones that are specialized in healthcare and have expertise. Learn more by following this link: