8 Tips for Aging Well in Body, Mind and Soul

As we age, it becomes increasingly important to remain healthy in every aspect possible including body, mind and even soul. There are certain activities that encourage development and health of these parts of you. It is important to focus on both physical and mental health. Here are some tips for staying healthy as you age.
  1. Stay connected with friends and family. Keeping touch with family and friends, even when separated by distance, is extremely important. Having a network of people around you for support, love and venting is very important to mental health. If you feel loved and cared about, you’re going to be happier and at peace mentally.
  2. Join a local group or club, or do a new activity to make new friends. If you live in a neighborhood, this sort of activity is easy. Join a card group that meets once a week for Euchre or start going to a yoga class or a club that interests you. Not only are you enjoying an activity that’s social and fun, you will likely make friends in the process, which goes back to tip #1. Being active in your community is important too. Maybe volunteering would be more up your alley. Just find something meaningful to do with your time and put yourself in situations to make new friends.
  3. Be aware of dehydration. It’s much easier for people over 50 to become dehydrated and maintain proper hydration becomes increasingly important as you age. Be aware of your water intake- make sure you choose water more often than any other beverages and avoid substances that dehydrate. As with any physical activity, make sure you stay hydrated!
  4. Turn meals into a social event. Have people over for dinner or go out to dinner or go to someone else’s house. Dining with people helps socially and makes for a more fun mealtime. Eating healthy becomes easier when you’re with a group of people to encourage you. Plus, who wants to dine alone? Be social!
  5. Find new hobbies or activities you enjoy, or practice old ones. Find things to do. Even if you live in a place where winters are harsh, there are always things to do. Swimming, gardening, scrapbooking or any hobby you’d enjoy is better than doing nothing at all.
  6. Take walks. If you can fit a walk in everyday, do it. Walking is great exercise and allows time for quiet thought and reflection. It’s a great activity for mental health in addition to physical. Use this time to think and free your mind.
  7. Maintain a sleep ritual. Try to have the same nighttime routine every evening. Go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time, if possible. This will allow your body to maintain a routine of sleep and you will have more energy during the days. Oversleeping or under-sleeping can really affect your health and make you feel more tired than you should be.
  8. Try new variations on everyday activities. This can be as easy as switching the hand you brush your teeth with or preparing a meal in a different way than you usually do. Switching up everyday tasks helps with brain cognition and memory. Keep your brain sharp by doing puzzles and switching up your daily tasks. You’ll notice a difference in your mind.